What’s this all about?

everything you need to know to edit and organize your closet once and for all!

Getting dressed is one of the most fundamental activities of our lives.

Yet this basic task is, for so many, a stressful, frustrating, and overwhelmingly negative one due to the clutter and disorganization pervading people’s closets.

Professional organizer and simplified living expert Annie Traurig regularly transforms closets from seemingly hopeless causes, to beautifully simplified spaces.

With this latest masterclass innovation, she’s granting people everywhere access to the information normally reserved for a few select clients. 

Through the masterclass, you’ll learn to become a rockstar editor and organizer of your closet.

You’ll relish the freedom of releasing what you don’t want and need, and embrace the responsibility of maintaining order.

And you’ll realize how much better life is (yes, really, life!) when the things that should be simple, like getting dressed, are.

So, how does this work?

The course content is in video format, allowing you to listen and watch as you perform your closet edit. You’ll get the expert advice needed to get you over the hurdles that commonly arise throughout the closet editing process (that always trip people up, if not completely derail them!).

Your membership grants you access to over 60 minutes of video containing Annie’s best editing advice and signature organizing secrets, including:

  • An explanation of why it’s so crucial to kickstart your journey to Live Simply in the closet

  • How to establish (or re-establish) a healthy, objective relationship to your clothes

  • How to decide what to keep and what to release

  • Advice about giving things away to friends and family

  • Tips to help you decide whether to donate or sell items you’re parting with

  • How to arrange items in your closet to achieve maximum order and visual appeal

  • The secret to perfectly folded clothes

You’ll also get detailed, downloadable text guides, including:

  • A checklist of supplies necessary to conduct a successful edit

  • A detailed, step-by-step editing order of operations guide

  • A resource guide for recommended places to donate and consign your clothes and accessories

  • A checklist of essential organizing products

  • And more!

For a limited time, admission to the masterclass is just $149.

Who is this meant for?

everything you need to know to edit and organize your closet once and for all!This masterclass was made in the shade for you if:

  • You find that the hardest part of the process is getting started.
  • A dose of expert guidance is enough to alight your sense of determination and focus.
  • You prefer the convenience of working around your own schedule.
  • You’re in search of the “why” when it comes to organization and editing (you know you should be doing these things, but you haven’t been able to nail down why it matters and how it affects the rest of your life).
  • You’re sick and tired of never being able to find things you know you own, purchasing clothes and accessories you don’t need, and finding things years later with the tags still on.
  • You’re done struggling with the state of your closet and you’re motivated to make a major change.

This masterclass probably isn’t for you if:

  • you’re looking for another way to procrastinate tackling your closet. This video course is designed to inspire swift and supercharged action. I’m giving you all my best tips and tricks, but it’s still up to you whether or not you’re ready to Live Simply.
  • The current state of your closet doesn’t bother you enough to want to change it.

What have other Live Simply
Method Members had to say?

Live Simply Closet Edit Masterclass is a game-changer. Annie is approachable, funny and full of incredibly useful knowledge of how to simplify – and beautify – an every day space. Her instructional video is divided into helpful chapters so you can take one step at a time, tackling your closet, and all of it’s (in my case, once stuffed jammed full) corners. I especially love how she takes away the emotional baggage of sifting through clothes – it’s just stuff – and she helped me to see that and take charge of it! Being able to use and fully enjoy this space I once used to dread actually makes me excited to put my things away. I highly recommend this lovely teacher and her helpful Masterclass.


Wow! I just spent a few hours working through Annie’s videos and editing my closet. I always thought I was a clean and organized person and this video series taught me so many new tricks. It helped me figure out what I actually need and will wear, and what I need to let go of. These videos are absolutely worth the time…It feels so good to get that unnecessary stuff out of my small space!

– Kate Price, Kate Price Photography

Without hyperbole, Annie is a lifesaver. Not only has she inspired me to edit my overflowing closet, but she’s provided some really great life tips and belly laughs along the way. If it weren’t for Annie, I’d be buried under a pile of too many white tees. This class is a MUST!

– Joanna Hawley, style influencer & blogger

So inspiring! This class is a must if you’re interested in simplifying both your closet and your getting dressed routine. This video series is particularly helpful because she shows you exactly how to edit, organize, store, and display everything in your closet (even if you think you know all there is to know about capsule wardrobing!). As a new mom, I found this information super helpful in streamlining this daily but often complicated task: getting dressed. So well done!

– Allie Seidel

Who’s the teacher?

Annie Traurig. Life editor. Chief of stuff. That’s me.

I’m a Professional Organizer, Simplified Living expert, and author of the widely followed Live Simply blog.

I’ve worked with countless clients, from CEO’s of the most successful companies, to professional athletes, to busy moms and dads, teaching them to clarify priorities, objectively evaluate their belongings, establish successful organizational systems and strategies, and Simplify their lives.

I know that it’s possible for everyone to Live Simply, if only they would. Take the time, enlist the help, reap the rewards.

I love this work to my core, which is why I spend my every-waking hour devoted to it, whether with local clients in Seattle, destination clients (I travel, too!), or the international audience my blog attracts.